Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daycraft = New obsession?

Hey everyone,

I know, so many posts in just one day and it's my first day too! I just wanted to share with everyone what I'm currently lemming and drooling over and the stars of my new obsession are all the products from Daycraft. All of their planners and dairies are just too cute! But sadly, their products are only available in Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Taiwan. :( This makes me soo sad because I would definitely purchase quite a few of their journals if they were sold here in the US! I first heard about their products from Laurie's reviews HERE. According to her post, Daycraft is searching for distributors in the US. Hopefully, these will be available to us soon! For now, we can only drool over Laurie's pic of the journals:

Enjoy the eye candy!


Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous that they don't sell these in the states. I noticed that you like getting mail.I am hosting a mail swap on my blog and would love if you participated. Check it out if you are interested.

SnailxMailxLover said...

Ughhh aren't you? I'm soo jealous!! They are the cutest little journals I have ever seen in a long time and want them so badly! I would love to participate in your swap!

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